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Self Care Rituals

Create more moments of joy in your days with my simple and grounding Self Care Checklist xo 

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Hi, I'm Jacque founder of Inspired Mummies xo 

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Self Care

Self Care is the most important part of creating positive emotional and mental wellbeing habits. As the saying goes we can't pour from an empty cup. Inspired Mummies is here to guide you to create simple and powerful self care rituals, that will welcome more calm to your days. Self Care is essential.

Family Health

One of our greatest gift to our children is to create a food culture that empowers them to feel happy and healthy. One where wholefoods are at the forefront and diets don't exist. Wellness from the inside out. Hear from industry leaders who are on that exact mission inside of Inspired Mummies.  

Unleash your Feminine

I am woman. The power of owning all parts of your feminine being, of allowing yourself to feel sexy, confident and creative. All things I did not feel before I took the steps I share inside of Inspired Mummies. This process has seen me transform my relationship with myself, feel more confident in my body and have more fun.

From Mumlife rock bottom to living in

my truth....


In early 2019 I was at my Mumlife rock bottom. I knew I was blessed, I knew how to get myself back 'on track' to happiness but I just felt in a funk. I love my kids but found the ground hog day feeling of routines, washing, cooking, cleaning to be too much for my mind. My kids weren't sleeping well and I blamed them and my husband for my mood. 

My husband kindly told me I had to change something as I just didn't seem happy. I thought I was happy but could clearly see how I was snapping and moody. 

I was blessed to be taken away by a friend for the weekend to be immersed in the ancient teachings of One World Academy, learning the power of my relationships and to be lead through life changing meditations. I know it sounds cliche but this weekend was the turning point for me, it is where I saw what was missing in my world and what I needed to live my truth. Self Care and the trust in myself that I am worthy! 

My journey of rediscovering who I was always intended to be and my new found obsession with the power of self care has seen my relationship with myself, my husband, my kids and all around me deepen. 

The more I shared my journey the more I saw the need for our generation to break the social trend of giving all of ourselves to anything and anyone except ourselves. I am committed to raising my children so that as they enter this stage of life they already have the confidence and tools to parent calmly while living their truth. And with this empower Mothers to do the same. 

Inspired Mummies is the space for you to learn just that. To discover the rituals, tools and wisdom to find more calm, organisation and space while in the trenches of Mumlife, and remain true to living life as the woman you were always intended to be


xo Jac 

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